Shirt Back and Sides specialise in custom made to order fancy back shirts and bespoke waistcoats. We are, as far as we are aware, the only place where your fabric can be chosen from anywhere in the world. This makes most of our garments unique.

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Welcome to my blog.

This blog is written to give some insites into aspects of the attire and the garments we produce...

I hope you some interest what you read please follow us on social media and share this blog with all your friends...

Regards Mark.

Unique commissioned wedding shirts.

By backandsides, Aug 14 2018 10:28PM

It makes us very happy when we received pictures sent by our clients wearing the fancy back shirts they commissioned us to make.

To know that Shirt back and sides were chosen to supply something inspired for the groom on such a special day. Those memories will live on with them. We are honoured to know we helped add something unique to that memory.

As you can see from one of the pictures our fancy back shirts are great as they cannot be seen under a jacket so perfect for the photo's.

A huge thank you to Nikki & Paul and Caroline and Peter for sending these pictures. wishing you every happiness for the future.

Nov 9 2018 10:35AM by Ashley Dowsett

Good day. Is there a choice of shirts. How can I order and buy. Thanks. Ashley.

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